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A monarchy is a large pice of equipment inserted into the vagina to plesure the clit

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No one sent frobisher to explore. he was a pirate. He didn't have anyone to send him so he sent himself. Surprisingly he found land

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Q: What country and monarch sent Martin Frobisher to explore?
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What country told martin Frobisher to go explore?

Queen Elizabeth I of England sent Martin Frobisher to explore the Northwest Passage in the Arctic in the 16th century.

When did Martin frobisher explore?

He explored in pece

What did Martin Frobisher explore?

Two find the Northwest Passage

What country did Martin Frobisher sail from?

Martin Frobisher sailed for England. He explored parts of Canada.

What country was Martin Frobisher from?

He was born in Altofts, Yorkshire, England.

What new area did martin Frobisher explore?

Martin Frobisher explored the Canadian Arctic region while searching for the Northwest Passage. Specifically, he is known for exploring Baffin Island and Frobisher Bay in the late 16th century.

Did a country pay for martin Frobisher's exploration?


What country did Martin Frobisher set his first voyage?


Why was Martin frobisher known as sir Martin frobisher?

His name is called Sir Martin Frobisher, is because he is a man not a women, if it was a women it would be called'' Madam Martin Frobisher.

What are facts about Martin frobisher?

martin frobisher had two wives

What did Martin Frobisher name his boat?

Martin Frobisher named his boat The Frobisher Boat! (I think)!:)

Who were martin frobisher's siblings?

Martin Frobisher had two siblings: a brother named John Frobisher and a sister named Joan Frobisher.