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He sailed from Spain you can find this at Francisco Pizarro .com

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the Inca empire

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Q: What country did Fransisco Pizarro sail from?
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Who did francisco de orellana sail for?

Fransisco De corellana sailed for Fransisco Pizarro.

What is Fransisco Pizarro's whole name?

Fransisco Pizarro's full name is Francisco Pizarro Gonzalez.

Was Fransisco Pizarro born in Fransisco?


Which Indian tribe did Fransisco Pizarro conquare?

Fransisco Pizarro counquerd the Incas :)

What country did and Francisco Pizarro sail for?


Where was fransisco Pizarro from?


Who was Fransisco Pizarro and how did he become famous?

Fransisco Pizarro was a Spanish conquistador who gained fame for conquering the Inca Empire

Where was fransisco Pizarro traveling to?


What years did Fransisco Pizzaro explore?

Fransisco Pizarro explored from 1509 to 1535.

What did Fransisco Pizarro do?

He was an explorer but before that he was a swineherder.

How did fransisco Pizarro get to south America?


What conquistador conquered the Incas?

Fransisco Pizarro