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India (=

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Q: What country did the British Empire rule for nearly 100 years?
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What country is the world's largest empire?

-World's Greatest Empire as one single land under one authority and at one time, was the mongol empire (25,000,000 square meters) -World's greatest empire as one single land divided into authorities is the : Russian Empire. Britain had the worlds largest Empire, spanning 33.7 million kilometres with a quarter of the worlds landmass and people under its control. Britain was also the first muchanized, developed and urbanised country in the world and had naval as well as economic leads over other major powers for approximatly 400 years, asserting its dominance after the Napolionic wars of 1803-15. -World's greatest empire as number of population is the British empire. -World's greatest empire as one land but over time is the British empire -And world's biggest ancient empire is the Arab/Muslim empire

Why did rome want the british empire?

I think you mean "why did the Roman Empire want Britain." The British empire began in the 1600s, twelve hundred years after the Roman empire fell and two centuries after Byzantine, the eastern half was conquered. Rome wanted the isle of Briton because it was a nation of soldiers and conquers and they wanted land and more taxes, as well as something for their soldiers to do.

What major European empires ceased to exist after ww1?

Five empires went into the war, and only one came out - the British Empire. Falling as a result of the war were the German Empire (the Hohenzollerns), the Austro-Hungarian Empire (the Hapsburgs, after more then 400 years), the Russian Empire (the Romanovs, after more then 250 years) and the Ottoman Empire (the Turks, after more than 450 years). In particular the fall of the Ottoman Empire, combined with the end of the Calpihate, resonates today in the continuing turmoil of the Middle East and the Muslim world.

Who used shillings and pence?

Britain used Pounds, Shillings and Pence as their currency for many years. There were 12 Pence to the Shilling and 20 Shillings to the Pound. Many British Colonies and countries of the British Empire/Commonwealth also used Pounds, Shillings and Pence.

What were the years of the french empire?


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How long has Afghanistan been a country?

Afghanistan has been a country for over 200 years, since it gained independence from the British Empire in 1919.

Who are the leaders of the British empire?

The British Empire hasn't existed for about 60 years.

How many years of British Empire?

150 years

Country whose navy ruled the seas?

For many years it was the British Empire. At the present the United States commands the greatest navy.

When did the British Empire come into existence?

The founder of the British Empire came to be known in 1603 to 1949 and was founded by King James. The British Empire lasted 346 years. It was the largest Empire in history.

When was the British empire about?

The British Empire entered existence in 1583 with the conquest of Newfoundland and ended in 1997 with the handover of Hong Kong to China. The British Empire existed for 414 years.

How Many Years Did The British Empire Last?

around 200 years.

Who ruled botswana for nearly 80 years?

the british colony

When did the Romans conquer the British empire?

The Romans never conquered the British empire. The British empire began roughly 1,600 years after Rome fell. Rome annexed the province of Britannia into its empire in 43 AD.

Which country was the hardest for the british empire to overpower?

There neighbour Ireland by far they fought off the british for years until they got their freedom from the crown...and as they are now the republic of Ireland you can see they suceeded..

Who has been the world's most powerful reigning country longer United States Britain Roman Empire Persian Empire who?

The British Empire was the largest empire the world has ever seen. it spanned rite around the globe and was said " the sun never sets on the British Empire" British had 5 Empires in total over the years but there last Empire was the biggest in History. The longest lasting Empire was the Roman Empire. America has never had an Empire!The Roman Empire lasted longer than the British Empire but the British Empire was by far more bigger than the Roman Empire, The British Empire ( the last empire they had, they had 5 in total over the years) was the biggest Empire the world has ever seen by far, and they are a tiny country,they show/showed a hell of alot of power and intelligence. here is a map that shows how many countries that Britain ruled....countries are marked in red. enjoy! America has never had an Empire,probably will never be able to now. persian empire wasnt as big or lasted as long

Iran became a country in what year?

Persia has been an empire or administrative district in a larger empire for nearly 6000 years. Persia was renamed (internationally) as Iran in 1935. The current Islamic Republic of Iran was declared in 1979.