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apparently Australia has the most coins because our coins keep changing

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Q: What country has the most number of coins?
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What is the most number of coins that is less than a dollar?

99 pennies

Where are euros bills minted?

If by 'bills' you mean banknotes, banknotes are printed. Coins are minted. Each country which is part of the Euro prints its own notes and mints its own coins. The coins all have a different designs on the back for each country. The notes are all identical, but the first character of the serial number indicates which country printed it.

What 1889 coin has One God One Language One Country written on it?

That motto appeared on a number of coins minted by the KKK. They are only "american" coins per accidens.

What country has the most number of alphabets?

India probably has the most alphabets of any country.

You have 55.02 If you have an equal number of four different coins which coins do you have and how many of each?

Different countries have different systems of coinage so without knowing which country the question is about, it is not possible to answer the question.

Are the stuff in the coins diffrent from other coins around the world?

Yes, the materials used to make coins vary by country due to factors such as cost, availability, and historical traditions. For example, some coins may contain more valuable metals like gold or silver, while others are made of less valuable metals like copper or zinc. Each country's coins reflect its unique history, culture, and economic conditions.

Which country has most number of owls?

The United Kingdom has the most

What is a 10 mark coin worth silver?

10 coins __ It's impossible to value such a coin without knowing the condition, year it was minted and country. There were a number of German States that minted coins before the unification of Germany and the pricing is different depending on which country.

Why are British coins different from other coins?

British coins are different from all other coins because they are British coins. The coins of all countries need to be different so that we can tell them apart. What is legal tender in one country, is not legal tender in another country.

The country which has most number of tiger?


Which country has the most number of tourist arrivals?

France has the most number of tourist arrivals. HistoryMan32

Where can one buy sliver coins in the US?

Silver coins can be purchased from a number of places in the US. You can purchase silver coins directly from the United States Mint, and most cities contain many stores for buying and selling silver and gold coins.