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Im not exactly sure but I would say England.

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Q: What country ruled during the 1200s?
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What was the strongest country in the 1200s?


Who ruled during the time when jesus raised lazzeris?

The country was ruled by the Romans.

What country was ruled by shoguns during the middle ages?


What is the country's capital in the government science 1200s?

What is the country's capital and the government's 1200

Where was the shogun's military headquarters during the 1200s?


Did the Middle Ages take place during the 1200s?

No, it is the reverse. The 1200s took place during the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages lasted from about 476 to about 1453 AD.

What was the first Ottoman Empire?

There has only been one Ottoman Empire. It ruled from the late 1200s until 1923.

What country ruled Texas during the Independence for Texas?

Mexico was the ruling country.

What country was ruled by Manuel Noriega during the 1980's?


What happend to the power of English parliament during the 1200s and 1300s?

its as powerful as a monarchy

Which country ruled china?

No country has ever ruled China.

What country ruled Canaan?

The country that ruled CANAAN was Egypt