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The vikings were first.

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Q: What country sailed to North America first?
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Which explorer sailed along the Atlantic coast of north America?

Giovanni da Verrazano sailed the Atlantic coast of North America in 1524. He was the first European to explore the Atlantic coast of North America since the Norse.

What country did Jhon Cabot sail for?

John Cabot sailed for the country of England under the rule of King Henry VII. He is known for being one of the first Europeans to explore North America.

What was the first country to settle in North America?

The Spaniards (Spain) were the first European settlers in North America.

Who was the first country to try and colonize North America and why?

The first country to successfully colonize the Americas was Spain. The first peoples to start colonies in the Americas, if we are to not include the Natives who came from Russia, are the Vikings. Leif Eriksson of Greenland sailed to North America (specifically Canada) and established a colony, which after losing connection to its mother-country, Greenland, dissolved. This Viking colonization of North America occurred over 500 years before Christopher Columbus' birth.

Who were the first known Europeans to sail to North America?

The Vikings sailed to Canada 1000 years ago.

Who was the first black president of North America?

There has never been a president of North America. North America is a continent, not a country.

What is the first country to have colony in North America and South America?


What country did Robert la salle sailed for?

Robert La Salle explored the Mississippi River in North America. He was the first European to sail down Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico. France

Transporation used by Samuel de Champlain?

discovered parts of north america, claimed it for france, sailed a ship as one of the first European explorers to discover North America

Which nation set up the first colony in North America?

Spain was the first country to claim land in North America.

When were the first wine producing grape vines planted in North America?

The Spanish were the first to plant grape bearing wine vines in North America. The country was Mexico, the year was 1521. Mexico was also the first country in North America to produce wine.

Were the Spaniards the first europeans the first europeans to reach north America were the to reach north America after the vikings?

no there was a priest who built a raft and sailed across the Atlantic ocean even before the vikings but after the vikings i am pretty sure that the spanish were the first after them

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