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Officially, North Vietnam (strategic bombing) & South Vietnam (tactical bombing). Un-officially, Laos & Cambodia. The air war was conducted by the USAF and USN over North Vietnam. North Vietnam countered with it's air defense systems: MIG 17, MIG 19, and MIG 21 intercepters; coupled with it's ground defenses: SAMs (Surface to Air Missiles) and AAA (Anti-Aircraft Artillery).

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South Vietnam suffered the most damage, but North Vietnam was the most heavily bombed because of superior U.S. air superiority. Bombings by the U.S. in South Vietnam was directed against North Vietnamese military strongholds in remote areas, while U.S. bombings in North Vietnam struck railroads, highways and factories.

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laos was the most bombed in history!!!!! And im a 11 year old

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Q: What country was bombed most in history?
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