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Smaller, independent farms in the United States produce vegetables and some fruits. The bulk of the crop is sold at fresh produce stands or farmers' markets. The remainder is usually used by the farmer to feed the family.

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Q: What crops were grown on smaller independent farms?
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What crops were grown in smaller independent farms?

Corn and Tobacco

What crops are grown in Vatican City?

No, there is neither agriculture or any industry in the Vatican.

What kind of places are dairy farms at?

Dairy farms are located in areas where crops can be grown quite easily and frequently have bumper crops.

What are large farms where cash crops such as tobacco and rice were grown?


Name three crops grown on its farms?

barley, rice, wheat

What crops are grown on Nigeria farms?

monkeys, bannanas, grapes, coffe, pepperoni, beans

What are crops grown in New York City?

Nothing. There are no farms in New York City.

What was the main difference between the crops grown in the north and the crops grown in the south in 1860?

Prior to the Civil War, most northern farms were relatively small and produced grain crops such as wheat and barley. In contrast, there were many more large farms in the south which produced crops such as tobacco, rice and primarily cotton.

What 3 crops grow on farms?

Rabi crops and Kharif crops. Kharif crops are grown from June to October. Rabi crops are grown from November to April. There are more possibilities than those just stated above. The other possibilities you may be referring to are: 1. Grain and legume/oilseed crops 2. Conventional and organic crops 3. Cash crops and feed crops

Who harvests many of the crops grown on farms in the desert southwest?

Many of the crops are harvested by migrant farm workers, most of them from Mexico.

What kinds of crops are grown there in Norway?

Yes.Yes. There is a lot of farms in Norway.

What are some cities they grow crops in in North Dakota?

Crops are grown on farms. Farms are not usually located within cities because that would make the property taxes much higher. Farms can be on the edges of cities, and most cities in North Dakota have farms located along the edge of the city limits.