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The gulf stream?

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Q: What current has been called Europe's central heating?
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Cycle of heating rinsing cooling and sinking?

this is called convection current

What is the cycle of heating rising and cooling and sinking called?

The process of Convection / subduction current

How does a heating pad work?

Heating pads contain heating elements that convert electricity to heat by passing current through a conductor (usually a wire). This process is variously referred to as resistive heating, ohmic heating, or Joule heating. The amount of heat generated is proportional to the square of the applied current multiplied by the resistance of the conductor. If SI units are employed (amperes for current and ohms for resistance) the unit of heat energyis called a joule.

What is the movement of ocean water that is caused by the uneven heating and density of the ocean water?

It is called an ocean current

Why do the so-called radiators which are part of a central heating system have the wrong name?

look i am a fool and i dont know the answerb

What has the coal pot been replaced with in modern times?

Central heating, radiators, so-called Slant Fin or inline method.

Can you connect a central heating boiler without the tank in the roof ie can you connect it to mains?

Yup called a diaphragm tank and NOT connected to the domestic supply

When was central heat first created?

Central heat was first used in 350 B.C., when the Greeks began building flues beneath building floors to heat rooms. The Romans developed more complex central heating systems called hypocausts.

Napoleon's blockade of europes ports which was intended to make continental Europe more self-sufficient was called the?

The Continental System.

Who invented central heating?

The Romans first used central heat, a system called Hypocaust. A furnace located below the living space maintained by slaves was used to heat cavities between walls to radiate heat into the room.

What is AC23?

Alternating Current for highly inductive load i.e. motors...whereas AC21 is for resistive load....i.e. heating elements. this is what you called utilization category...

What is The increase in area of the solid on heating called?

The increase in area of the solid on heating is called Superficial expansion