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It depends on which Americans are you referring to: central, south or north Americans . North, south and central Americans' explorers have faced mainly Indians, wild animals, assailants, epidemic diseases and many other challenges.


It's true the explorers of America (which would become the United States) did face many dangers. The main reasons for exploration of the New World was countries in search of great treasures of gold and silver.

After Hernando Cortes sailed for Spain, landed in what is known today as Mexico, and Francisco Pizarro explored the South American country of Peru, Spain became the most powerful country in Europe, for both men returned with huge deposits of gold that they killed for in order to gain.

In 1528, Panfilo de Narvaez landed with a small army on the coast of Florida and waded through swamps and pine forests for three months looking for gold. By the time he returned to the coast, his ships had given him up for lost and left for Cuba. Narvaez and his remaining crew built rafts and paddled along the coast of Mexico hoping to find a Spanish settlement. All perished at sea but four, who eventually reached the coast of Texas.

In 1585, Sir Walter Raleigh of England, sailed with a shipload of colonists to establish the first English settlement in the New World. They chose a sandy island off the coast of what is now North Carolina. Because it was an island, Roanoke offered some protection from Indians. The shallow waters around it also protected the settlers from Spanish warships.

But the spot that the settlers had chosen was too desolate. When Sir Francis Drake stopped by after a one of his raids on the Spanish treasure ships, they went home with him.

In 1587, Raleigh sent out with another party of 150 colonists, but the war between England and Spain prevented him from contacting the settlement for four years. When a relief ship had finally appeared at Roanoke in 1591, the colonists were gone.

There were no bodies nor any sign of violence and only one clue - the word "Croatan" carved on a tree. The Croatans were neighboring Indians. Whether they attacked the settlement or whether the colonists gave up and went to live with the Indians we shall never know. This would become the story of, "The Lost Colony".

These are just two examples of how the explorers faced many dangers in the world. Storms would sink ships, food and water supplies would get low, mutiny of crews on the ship, hostile Indians, wild animal attacks, diseases that would occur on the ships or on land, and getting lost in the wilderness never to be found or seen ever again.

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dear, its spelt Europian and they would have had to live with a malnurished diet, there would have been storms, and it also depends on the time as to wether they would have scurvy, and what deseases they would have suffered from.

Its actually spelt European. And they had to worry about deseases, not enough food, fresh water, etc.

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not havijg food

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Q: What dangers did American explorers face?
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