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April 18, 1956 officially

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Q: What day did grace kelly marry prince rainier III?
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Who did Prince Rainier marry?

American actress, Grace Kelly.

Who did Prince Rainier III marry in 1956?

Prince Rainier III married the famous movie star Grace Kelly in 1956.

Who did Grace Kelly marry to become a princess and what country was she a princess of?

She married Prince Rainier of Monaco.

When did grace kelly marry prince ranier?

monaco in 1956

When did Princess Grace marry Prince Rainier?

In the year l956. They met while she was filming "To catch a Thief" for Alfred Hitchcock.

What are the ten most facts about Grace Kelly?

She was one of Hollywood's most beautiful faces. She gave up acting to marry Rainier III, the Prince of Monaco. They got married in 1956. They had 3 kids. Caroline, Albert, and Stephanie.

When did Grace Kelly die?

Grace Kelly married to Rainier III, Prince of Monaco in 1956

Can a prince marry a Catholic?

Sure, if both parties are Catholic. consider Princess Grace and Prince Rainier in l956. They would not approve of mixed-religion royal marriages, as anything royal will ( set the tone) for the national temper- or so it is assumed. The Grace Kelly marriage is the best example- both parties being Catholic, so no problems.

Why did princess Grace marry a prince?

It is possible that Princess Grace married a prince because he traveled in her social circles. She was most likely to meet and marry someone of similar background. Some people speculate that the marriage was entirely political.

Where was grace kelly s wedding?

In the Cathedral of Monaco. I believe it is called St. Charles but am not sure. There is also a St.Louis viaduct on the outskirts of town. The wedding was one of the big media social events of the year l956. Detractors called it (the Crime of '56). It was rumored that Italian-leaning Prince Rainier was originally smitten with a well-known Italian Movie actress. the deal- Marry me, but kick the screen habit, well that was too much to err, Clear the Bridge. so...

How do you marry kelly kelly?

I am kelly kelly's biggest fan no mater what

Who can Prince William marry?

Prince William can marry whomever he chooses to marry. He is currently married to Kate Middleton and they have one child together.