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An estimate about 1960s to 1970s

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in the 1960s.

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Q: What decade did the majority of African countries become independent?
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When did Central African Republic become independent from its colonists?

Central African Republic became independent from its colonists in August 13, 196.

When countries gets names?

When they become independent.

When did South American countries become independent?

They all fought for it.

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What connection do sierra Leone have with African-Americans?

Sierra Leone was the first African country to become independent from a European power.

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How did Bangladesh and Pakistan become their own countries?

The British used to rule over Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh in one giant territory known solely as India. When India was going to become independent, however, there was some conflict as to who would rule. This was mainly based on religion and was the Muslims vs. the Hindus. There was only one problem: the Hindus were mainly situated in the center while the Muslims were mainly situated in the east and west. When India became independent, it split into two countries: India, the Hindu majority, and Pakistan, the Muslim majority (Pakistan included Bangladesh at this time and Bangladesh didn't become independent until 1971).

Did Iraq and Saudi Arabia become independent countries after World War 1?

yes they did..................and a whole bunch of other countries:)

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Who was the 1st African American to become the majority owner of a professional sports organization?

Robert L. Johnson

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The Soviet Union (USSR), which was a group of countries, headed by Russia.