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Q: What decade was considered the feel good era?
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Ladies in waiting in the Elizabethan era?

Ladies in waiting in the Elizabethan era were considered companions. Many people mistakenly believe that ladies in waiting were servants however, this is not true. The Ladies in waiting were companions for queens, princesses, and others who are considered nobles.

The Hellenistic era describes an age that saw?

The Hellenistic period is distinguished by the major influence of Greek cultural in Europe, Africa, and Asia. It is considered hedonistic when compared to the Classical Greek period.

How long is an era?

100 Years,. Correction: Asking how long an era is, is the same as asking how long is a piece of string. An era can be any segment of time that can be distinguished. Such as, the 'Nazi era', 'George W. Bush era'. An era is NOT 100 years, that is a century.

What will our era of time be called?

The current era of time will be called the Digital Age.

What are the four major eras of earths history?

1. Precambrian Era (earliest forms of life, such as bacteria and blue-green algae; later in the period, invertebrates such as jellyfish).2. Paleozoic Era (Pangaea; invertebrate life, such as trilobites, later in the era, followed by development of vertebrates, including fish; development of vertebrates, amphibians, and the beginnings of reptiles; development of simple plants, such as mosses and ferns)3. Mesozoic Era (Pangaea separates into continents; "Age of Reptiles"; dinosaurs, flowering plants, small mammals and birds)4. Cenozoic (Present Era) Ice Age; mammoths; gradual development of mammals, birds and other animals recognizable today; humans; flowering plants, forests, grasslands.)Edit:Actually the above answer can be disputed. The Precambrian is not considered an era, it is considered a supereon that is divided into three eons. Two of these eons are subdivided into a total of seven eras. Combine that with the three eras of the Phanerozoic Eon, and you have ten.So this question doesn't really make sense, considering there are actually ten eras.

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What is considered a good era?

The Golden Era Was When Jesus Was On Earth

When political differences faded this era was known as?

The Era of Good Feel

Is a high ERA in baseball good or bad?

A high ERA would be considered bad. In the National League, an ERA of less than 3.50 would be considered very good. In the American League, an ERA of less than 4.00 would be considered very good.

How long is an era also a decade?

An era is just a general period of time marked by distinctive events. A decade is 10 years long.

Is randy moss good?

Is currently considered to be the best of his era.

What was the name for the decade after the Civil war?

Reconstruction Era

Which era in history is 2012?

The 21st decade/ modern

What were the Nicknames for the 1920s?

Republican Era The Jazz Age The Lost Generation Boom to Bust The Roaring '20's Decade of Normalcy Prosperity Decade Prohibition Era

What is the nickname of the 1980's decade?

The nickname for the 1980s decade is often referred to as the "Decade of Excess" due to the materialism, consumerism, and greed that characterized the era.

How good is randy moss?

He's currently considered to be the best of his era.

What is the nickname for the '70s decade?

"The Me Decade" is often used as a nickname for the 1970s due to the era's focus on individualism and self-discovery.

What are some 1920 teenage nicknames?

The 1920's Nicknames Republican Era The Jazz Age The Lost Generation Boom to Bust The Roaring '20's Decade of Normalcy Prosperity Decade Prohibition Era