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During Henry VIII's Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1538, the Reading Abbey was largely destroyed. Glass, lead, and facing stones were removed from the remains of the buildings during robberies.

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Q: What destroyed the abbey in Reading?
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When did Reading Abbey end?

Reading Abbey ended in 1538.

When was Reading Abbey created?

Reading Abbey was created in 1121-06.

When was Reading Abbey R.F.C. created?

Reading Abbey R.F.C. was created in 1956.

What abbey is located in Thatcham England?

The abbey located in Thatcham, England is known as 'Reading Abbey' or 'Abbey of Reading'. It was founded in the year 1121 by King Henry I and is one of Reading's most famous buildings.

When was reading abbey closed?

During 1538 and 1540 Henry VIII closed Reading abbey.

What happened to Glastonbury abbey during the rein of Henry VIII?

it was destroyed

What is the most important building in reading?

The most important building in Reading, England is likely the Reading Abbey, which was a royal monastery founded in the 12th century by King Henry I. The abbey played a significant role in the history of the town and the surrounding area.

What happened to romsey abbey at the time of Henry VIII?

Romsey abbey was not destroyed by Henry VIII because the townspeople raised enough money (£100) to save it. Hope this helps

Where did Jane Austen go to college?

Jane Austen went to Reading Abbey Girls' School

What has the author B R Kemp written?

B. R. Kemp has written: 'Reading Abbey'

How old is the whitby abbey?

The Whitby Abbey is in fact at least 2000 years old as some people know but if you want to listen to others who say it is 1500 well they are wrong because I have a book which in fact tells you all about Whitby Abbey xx ;DD

How has battle abbey changed?

it got ruined over the past years by crackling down. and has been destroyed over some years. hope i helped :)