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blockaded the u.s. from engaging in international trade

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Q: What did Britain do in order to keep industrial secrets from the US?
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Why was Britain unable to keep industrial secrets away from other countries?

Workers would sneak away from Britain and sneak into other countries to share information and industrial secrets. Such as showing them how to build machines.

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While Britain may well be a democracy, Britain is far from a free country. as we have no constitution and euro-crates posses more power than the corrupt politicians we do have. you are not free to own guns in Britain so how are you free. freedom has no limitations, a free country dose not impose laws to limit freedom. a free country is one where the government stays out of your life, a free country is one where you get to keep the fruits of your labor. so no Britain and it 50% tax rate, ban on guns and crippling laws is not a truly free country. in a free country i would be able to own a gun, keep the money i earn and say what i want. true freedom is only present when the government fears its citizens not when the citizens fear the government.

When did the jutes invade southeast England?

They invaded Britain in the 5th century :P

What led Great Britain finally to grant India limited self rule?

After years of owning India, Britain realized in was not feasible to keep India. It was costing money to defend a country that was not able to offer much in the form of resources.