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Charangupta brought water to farmers, traded, cleared forests, made roads.

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Q: What did Chandra Gupta accomplish during his reign?
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Aryabhatta lived during the reign of which among the following a ashoka the great b samudragupta c chandra gupta maurya d chandra gupta ii?

Aryabhatta live during the reign of Chandragupta II

During the reign of which emperor is the poet Kalidasa accepted to have lived?

chandra gupta

Why was reign of the Chandra Gupta considered India's golden age?

A sack of something guess wat

Why was the reign of Chandra Gupta ll considered India's golden age?

A sack of something guess wat

What literature and performing arts did India do during the reign of Chandra Gupta 2?

under chandra gupta 2 Indian arts flourished ,architects erected gracefully designed temples.artists painted murals and sculpted statues,many of which had religious subjectP.S Pay attention in class dumby i am just kidding hahahha

What did justinain accomplish during his reign?

heaccommodated the laws and procedures of the empires reign

During the reign of the Gupta Dynasty the government was ruled by an emperor. One of the main political goals of the early Gupta emperors was to?

reunite the people of india

What did Shakespeare accomplish during his reign?

Shakespeare was not a king. He was a playwright. He wrote a lot of plays.

What did Cleopatra accomplish during her reign?

* she committed suicide * led her country to war

What religon did most of the Gupta rulers belong to?

Most of the Gupta rulers were followers of Hinduism. They patronized Hindu temples and supported various Hindu practices and rituals during their reign.

Why do so few Hindu temples from the gupta empire remain?

The Hindu temples that were built during the Gupta Empire's reign were made of durable materials. Many of them no longer stand, because of the destruction by invaders.

What did isis accomplish?

Isis was able to encourage trade and she also made architecture and arts flourish during her reign