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The White Rose, a non violent resistance group in Nazi Germany

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Q: What did Hans and Sophie scholl lead?
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What has the author Hans Scholl written?

Hans Scholl has written: 'Hans Scholl, Sophie Scholl, Briefe und Aufzeichnungen'

Were Hans and Sophie Scholl executed in front of a crowd?

No. They were executed (by guillotine) within the walls of Stadelheim prison.

What is the birth name of Sophie Scholl?

Sophie Scholl's birth name is Sophia Magdalena Scholl.

What is Sophie Scholl's birthday?

Sophie Scholl was born on May 9, 1921.

When was Sophie Scholl born?

Sophie Scholl was born on May 9, 1921.

What was Sophie Scholl's job?

Sophie Scholl was a student and a member of the White Rose resistance group in Nazi Germany. She, along with her brother Hans Scholl and other members of the group, distributed pamphlets openly criticizing the Nazi regime and urging German citizens to resist their actions.

What is Hans Scholl's birthday?

Hans Scholl was born on September 22, 1918.

When was Hans Scholl born?

Hans Scholl was born on September 22, 1918.

Where did Sophie scholl live?

Sophie Scholl was brought up in Lutheran. Hope it helped ;) xx

How old was Sophie Scholl at death?

Sophie Scholl died on February 22, 1943 at the age of 21.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Rose of Munich - 2011?

The cast of The Rose of Munich - 2011 includes: Shayne Dukevitch as Sophie Scholl Michael Pantozzi as Hans Scholl Joseph Trautman as Christoph Probst

What did Sophie scholl do?

Sophie scholl made the white rose. what this was, was Sophie and her brothers all drawed roses on walls symbolising pease and hope.