What did John E Lundstrom invent?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Safety matches were invented by Johan Edvard Lundstrom of Sweden in 1855. Lundstrom's new match was the first simple and safe way to make a fire. His new safety match could only be lit by striking the match against the specially-prepared surface that came attached to the box. Lundstrom put red phosphorus on the rough striking paper (on the outside the match box); the other fire-starting chemicals were on the match's head. Previous matches gave long-time users an ailment called "phossy jaw;" this was a painful and deadly disease caused by the older matchs' yellow phosphorus that ate into the users' jaws.

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Q: What did John E Lundstrom invent?
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When was John Lundstrom born?

John Lundstrom was born on October 6, 1919, in Antwerpen, Flanders, Belgium.

When did John Lundstrom die?

John Lundstrom died on July 25, 1990, in Merksem, Flanders, Belgium.

John e lundstorm invented what in what year?

John E Lundstrom invented safety matches. He made this invention in 1885. It was the first invention that helped people make a safe fire.

What did johan edvard lundstrom invent?

Many have said that Johan Edvard Lundstrom was responsible for inventing the safety match, but that is not true. He improved upon matches that were made by someone else.

What did johan lundstrom invent and manufacture in 1855?

Johan made it possible to mass-produce the safety match in 1855.

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