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Peter Lalor was an Irish immigrant, born in 1827, who initially worked on the construction of the Melbourne - Geelong railway line, but soon joined the gold rush and began mining in the Ovens Valley, and then in Ballarat. Due to the deplorable conditions on the goldfields, and the lack of miners' rights and representation in government, Lalor was unofficially "elected" on 30 November 1854 to be a more militant leader and voice for the diggers. Lalor led the rebellion that later became known as the Eureka Stockade, and the birthplace of Australian democracy.

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Peter Lalor was instrumental in helping Australia move along the path of democracy.

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Q: What did Peter Lalor help Australia with?
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Why did peter lalor come to Australia?

because he wanted to start mining in Australia

What were the effects of Peter Lalor during the Eureka Stockade?

what affect did peter lalor and the Eureka Stockade have on colonial Australia

What year did Peter Lalor become Prime Minister of Australia?

Peter Lalor never became Prime Minister of Australia. He was largely responsible for the development of democracy in Australia. Australia did not have a Prime Minister until 1901. Peter Lalor was active in the movement towards democracy from 1854 onwards, and died in 1889.

What part of Australia did peter Lalor work in?


Where did peter lalor migrate from?

he migrated from Ireland to australia

Where did Peter lalor live?

He lived in Ireland but moved to Australia

How did Peter Lalor and the Eureka stockade bring change to colonial Australia?


Did peter lalor have success?

was Peter lalor seccessful

Where is Peter Lalor buried?

Peter Lalor, leader of the Eureka Stockade rebellion in 1854, is buried in Melbourne General Cemetery, Victoria, Australia. For photos of his grave, see link below.

Was peter lalor a convict?

No, Peter Lalor wasn't a convict.

How did peter lalor change Australia's democracy?

Peter Lalor was an a rebel and, later, politician who rose to fame for his leading role in the Eureka Rebellion, an event controversially identified with the "birth of democracy" in Australia. He is famous for being the only outlaw to make it to parliament.

How did peter and the eureka stockade change the lives of people who lived in Australia?

If not for Peter lalor we would not get sick leaves or unions.