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Rich children: Mother, Father/Sir (mama or papa informally)

Poor children: Ma, Pa

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would it change between genders

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Q: What did Victorian children call their parents?
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What jobs did rich Victorian children's parents do?

good innformation

What did Victorian children where?

rich people wore minature versions of their parents.

Did parents have to pay for their children to go to school in the Victorian times?

Schools were not free until the end of the Victorian era in 1891

Who paid for Victorian children to go to school?

Their parents paid for them to go to school.

Did all Victorian children work?

No, not all Victorian children had to work. If your parents were rich then you didn't have to go to work wereas the poorer families including children had to just to keep a roof over their head.

What do you call parents that lose their children?

late parents

What do the parents call children who have changed their names?

Parents can call their children whatever they want. Regardless of what they've changed their names to, they're still their children.

Do strict parents listen to their children?

Not always. Even in the 21st century, there are parents who behave like the Victorian Era, thinking children should be seen and not heard. But maybe sometimes.

What jobs did poor Victorian children parents do?

Most of their parents just found a job available as long as,they were able to earn money for there family.

Did poor Victorian children work?

yes they did because they were poor and there parents needed money and they were to old to get money.

Was it always rich Victorian children that went to school?

yes as their parents were the only ones who could afford it

What do you call parents without children?