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it looked like a joke

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Q: What did a explorer's ship in the 1700s look like?
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What did the mary rose look like?

a ship

How did European explorers affect history?

The most obvious way that European explorers affected history was discovery. European explorers discovered a lot of the world like Australia, the Antarctic, America... for example. Without them we wouldn't know about the world. They would have helped with trade and discoveries as well. Like for trade they would discover new ways to get to different places so that people could trade with each other, like ways from getting from Europe to Asia faster by ship. They would help with discoveries too. If the Galapagos Islands hadn't been discovered would Darwin have been able to make his observations that led to the theory of evolution.

What is the names of the ships that Williams Dampier sailed on?

When Captain William Dampier first came across Western Australia in 1688, he captained the Cygnet. On his next journey in 1699, his ship was the Roebuck.Early in the 1700s, Dampier was appointed commander of the government ship St George, while in 1708 he was then taken on as sailing master on the Duke.

What three growths made it possible for explorers to sail the world in the Age of Exploration?

Growths that made it possible for explorers to sail the world in the Age of Exploration included the desire to find new trade routes to Asia to make it more economical to bring spices to Europe. Also, the nations wanted to claim new lands and their riches for themselves. Another growth was in the advances in knowledge and science. Cartography, or map making, was improving, especially with all the new discoveries made by the explorers. New inventions also helped the explorers. Improved ship design and new navigational tools helped sailors to travel more safely and faster. Improved weapons gave the European sailors an advantage over the people they met.

How did the Age of Exploration affect European advancements in ship technology?

Your question is backwards. Advancements in ships affected exploration. When ships were improved, they could sail farther, longer and faster. Better ships like that made travelling the world easier, so explorers could go off and find new places that Europeans had never seen.