What did ben hall look like?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Ben Hall looks like a person like every one else does!!!

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Q: What did ben hall look like?
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What crimes were committed by Australian bush ranger Ben Hall?

He was a thief! (not really a bad one, depends on how you look at it) Basically, he was the guy that inspired Ned Kelly, so most of the stuff Ned did, it was kind of like Ned continuing/taking on the role of Ben Hall when Ben died... ;)

What were Ben Hall's nicknames?

Ben Hall was known as the "Gentleman bushranger" and also as "Bold Ben Hall".

What did ben hall accomplishments?

Ben hall had lots of achievements

Was ben hall a bushranger in the goldrush time?

When did Ben hall become a minner

When was Ben M. Hall born?

Ben M. Hall was born in 1921.

When was Ben Hall - bushranger - born?

Ben Hall - bushranger - was born in 1837.

When did Ben Hall - bushranger - die?

Ben Hall - bushranger - died in 1865.

Is ben hall famous?

Ben Hall is famous because he commits robberies.

When did Ben M. Hall die?

Ben M. Hall died in 1970.

How do you spell Ben Hall?

The name of Ben Hall, the bushranger, is spelt "Ben Hall". Unlike many other bushrangers, he did not go by another name.

When did Ben Hall arrive in Australia?

Ben Hall was born in Australia. Ben Hall was born on 29 April 1837 in Maitland, in the Hunter Valley of NSW.

When did ben hall get married?

Yes Ben Hall got married to Bridget Walsh