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Q: What did both chandra gupta and ashoka do to increase communication in the empire?
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Which military leader founded the Maurya Empire?

ChandraguptaChandragupta MauryaChandra gupta maurya.

What happened to the mauryan empire under ashoka leadership?


Why are ashoka important?

Ashoka was important because he spread Buddhist religion to his empire.

Who consolidated the Mauryan empire?


Which Mauryan ruler converted to Buddhism?

Yes, the leader of the Maurya Empire, Ashoka, converted to Buddhism.

Why did the mauryan dynasty prosper under Asoka?

Mauryan Empire after Ashoka Ashoka's embrace of Buddhism has been said to have been the foundation of the reign of social and political peace and non-violence across all of India. Ashoka sponsored the spreading of Buddhist ideals into Sri_Lanka , Southeast Asia, West Asia and Mediterranean Europe This occured after Ashoka attacked the civilization of Kalinga.... Did this peace and halt on empire expansion and violence persist until the end of the Mauryan Empire or did the peace start falling apart after Ashoka died and was succeeded?

How did Ashoka's values affect the expansion of the Mauryan Empire?


What were the cores of Ashoka's state and the Gupta Empire?

southern tip of india

When did the mauryan empire ended?

after ashoka died (around 232 BCE)

Who founded the ancient Indian Empire?

Chandra Gupta.

What is the growth of the Empire Maurya?

The Mauryan empire was an empire in India that lasted from 321 BC to232 BC. The two rulers were Bindusara Brihadratha and his son, and the best ruler Mauyra has ever had, Ashoka Brihadratha. The empire was okay when Bindusara ruled it but when Ashoka ruled it, the empire was so powerful and steady. Ashoka was in charge of the empire and the Mauyrian Empire.

Where does the word Ashokan come from and what does it mean?

It means that something is related to the classical Indian emperor Ashoka or his empire. See