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Depending on their status in society their clothing reflected that status. Children as a whole were dressed as adults dressed. Paintings of the time show us children dressed as adults. There was no clothing made special for children and what they wore was copies made smaller of clothing for adults. After a child was 7 they were no longer considered a child but treated as an adult. Nobility made marriage contracts for their daughters to older men to gain lands or political power. Often the girls were sent to the future mother in law to learn how to run/manage a castle. At about 12 they were married and often mothers by 14. Noble boys were sent to another noble to train for knighthood at age 7 and at 21 became a knight. The child of a serf would wear a plain shift and a boy a loose shirt and pants. They may or may not have shoes. Again at age 7 they weren't considered children and put to work in the fields or fight in the nobles army and wars. In the 1600's there were two stages baby and adults. There were no teenagers or children. (It isn't until 1939 that teenagers are around. ) The church taught that a baby was born in sin and that they had to overcome this in their life. Most people died early 40 years old was considered old.

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Q: What did children in London wear in 1666?
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