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they used pemmican as food. Pemmican is a cree's favourite food.

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Q: What did first nations use pemmican for?
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How do you use pemmican in a sentence?

use pemmican in a sentence

What did Indians make by mixing berries and fat with dried meat?

Pemmican. Not like the Jerky you get in the store named pemmican, it was actually called pemmican.

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What is pemmican in food items?

Pemmican in food items are snack bars consisting mainly of fruits and nuts. Pemmican bars can be a great way to consume healthy nutrition rich calories quickly.

What is a pemmican?

a type of bird

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What is pimikan?

i believe the correct spelling is pemmican, but here's a link that tells you all about it! =)

American Indian trail mix made of dried berries and dried deer meat?

it it called pemmican

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