What did jesters eat?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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People in the middle ages ate

  • eels
  • chicken
  • various birds
  • boar
  • pork
  • deer
  • apples
  • fish
  • beef
  • vegetables
  • used honey as a sweetener
  • breads usually rye since wheat was very expensive
  • door mice
  • didn't have potatoes, tomatoes or chocolate
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Jesters of the middle ages often had some type of deformity. They dressed in bright colors and entertained the royalty with their antics.

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Depending on the monarch's whim, jesters generally as well as anyone in the court. They were considered important distraction from the drudgery of everyday life.

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Q: What did jesters eat?
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How did jesters become jesters?

Jesters were people who were funny or, possibly, attractively offensive. They got their jobs because they were entertaining enough to keep around and pay to be what they were. Clearly, some were better than others. When a member of the nobility came across some person who could be a good jester, it was not uncommon to offer that person a job and pay. If the jester was very good, and the noble wanted to get into the good graces of someone in a higher position, the jester could be recommended to that higher person as a favor to both him and the jester. The best jesters were gradually passed to successively better employers until they might work for a king. Jesters at the highest levels could earn quite a lot of money, and there are records of jesters with a number of estates of their own, given as rewards for their services.

When and where were court jesters popular?

Jesters have been very popular throughout different time periods and countries. For instance, there were early jesters in ancient Egypt and they were popular with the Aztecs in the 14th and 16th centuries as well. Clowns and jesters are characters in some of Shakespeare's most popular plays, indicating their popularity through the reigns of both Elizabeth I and James I. Possibly one of the most successful jesters was Archibald Armstrong, jester of King James VI. He was given great honors at court, but ran afoul by insulting too many influential people. However, that didn't stop him from acquiring estates in Ireland and still exhibiting court influence even during the reign of Charles I.

What do the metis first nations eat?

The Metis eat bison, chicken, bunny, duck, fish, moose, and goose

What did villeins eat?


What did nuns eat in the middle ages?

In the middle ages nuns would eat fish, fruit, turnips, legumes. They also would eat eggs, onions, melons and bread.

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