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In the middle ages nuns would eat fish, fruit, turnips, legumes. They also would eat eggs, onions, melons and bread.

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Mainly fruits and vegetables that they grew in their cloister's gardens.

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Q: What did nuns eat in the middle ages?
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Nuns live in the middle ages?

Nuns lived in a nunnery.

In the middle ages where does nuns live?

A nunnery

What would nuns do in the middle ages?


Where did people learn in the middle ages?

they didnt only munks and nuns went to school

How did the monks and nuns improve life in the middle ages?

Monks and nuns contributed to the Middle Ages in many ways. One way was to care for the sick and poor. Another way was to build schools and teach at schools.

Were there monks in the middle ages?

There were lots and lots of monks in the Middle Ages. Nuns, too. Roger Bacon was a famous monk of the period, and Hildegard of Bingen was a famous nun.

What did the nuns read in the middle ages?

They didn't read. The bible wasn't printed until 1443 and most people, including nuns, couldn't read.

In the Middle Ages the leader of the Catholic Church was the?

The order was the Pope, Cardinals, Priest and the Monks or Nuns..

Where did monks and nuns live in the Middle Ages?

In an nunnery. Monks lived in Monerstrys.

How did monks and nuns learn music in the middle ages?

They listened to some Wu-Tang Clan and the rest is history.

Why couldn't nuns date in the middle ages?

nuns are committed to the church. so they aren't supposed to date anyone, because they were technically already involved with someone, Jesus christ

Was the nun in middle class during the medieval ages?

There was no particular class associated with nuns in the Middle Ages. Nuns were not technically members of the clergy, even if they were highly educated. They could have come from backgrounds that were peasant, noble, or even royal. But technically, they had no class. Perhaps this would make them fit some definitions of the middle class, but middle class implies things that do not fit well with what a nun was.