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they would die

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Q: What did people used to think happens if you break an oath?
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When was Don't Break the Oath created?

Don't Break the Oath was created on 1984-09-07.

What problems might arise if you were a vassal to more than one lord in medieval feudalism?

Vassals had to take an oath that if their overlord ever went to war, the vassal would fight alongside him. Now, what happens if a person took that oath with two different people, but those people then went to war with each other? He'd have to break at least one of the two oaths, and then fight against one of the people he had pledged loyalty to.

What does it mean to break an oath in a courthouse?

By breaking an oath in the courthouse, you might be forced to pay a large sum of money, and or Jail time.

Where does the word hypocrite come from?

I don't know for certain, but I think that the word hippocrit comes from Hippocrate, a very influencial person in the history of medicine. Doctors are supposed to have to take a Hippocratic oath and if you break the oath you were a hippocrit... well thats what makes sense anyway.

What oath does college presidents take?

I do not think that any take an oath- possibly they do in some religious colleges.

What is trail by oath?

trail by oath is like personification or figuartive language and in the old days people call it trAIL by oath

Why does brutus wants to swear an oath to the conspirators?

Because he seems to think everyone there is loyal and there is no use for them to swear an oath

Who is taking the second oath Acceptance of an Antrusian?

i think that science tifuclly obama wikll be takeing the second oath...

Why does brutus want to swear an oath with the conspirators?

Because he seems to think everyone there is loyal and there is no use for them to swear an oath

Can people under oath make mistakes?

Of course. Being under oath does not make you infallible.

How many people took the Tennis Court Oath?

There were 576 of the 577 present who took the oath.

Is taking the Hippocratic oath a legal requirement?

No, it is not a legal requirement for doctors to take the Hippocratic Oath. However, most of the people do take the oath because it is a tradition. At least 87% of Americans take the oath.