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Renaissance writers wrote about political rulers and rulers to expand their power

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Renaissance writers wrote about people and life in most of their dominant genres which was poetry and drama.All this was done mostly in the writers native tongue.

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Q: What did renaissance writers write about?
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What did Renaissance write about?

Renaissance writers wrote about political rulers and rulers to expand their power

What did Renaissance writers write in?

I am not sure what you mean, but they wrote books. In the Renaissance books were published and people began to read.

What is the pencil during renaissance?

Quill Pens were used by early writers to write

What did Renaissance writers in northern Europe generally write about?

The need for reform Challenging ideas about society Questioning commonly accepted ideas

What are some writers from the renaissance?

thomas more

What type of poetry did Renaissance writers favor in 1485-1625?

Renaissance writers in 1485-1625 favored sonnets, which were 14-line poems typically expressing themes of love and beauty. They also favored pastoral poetry, which idealized rural life and the natural world. Additionally, the era saw an increased interest in epic poetry, with works such as Edmund Spenser's "The Faerie Queene."

What language did renaissance writers write in?

Renaissance writers wrote in various languages depending on their country of origin. Some wrote in Latin, the scholarly language of the time, while others wrote in vernacular languages such as Italian, French, or English to reach a broader audience.

How did the new renaissance world view shape the work of Italian renaissance artists and writers?

they died.

How were the writers of the Renaissance influenced by the writers of ancient Greece?

During the Renaissance, there was a major resurgence of using classical learning from Greece. These influences included the likes of Plato and Socrates.

What do writers write on?

Writers write on paper.

What themes did the writers of the Harlem Renaissance address in their works?

During the Harlem Renaissance, young black writers celebrated their African heritage and American heritage. They also protested about racism.

How did renaissance writers reach a wider audience?

i do not know sorry :-(