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The British saw the Louisbourg fortress as a threat. This is why the British built a fortress as well. This was the fortress Halifax

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Q: What did the British do to protect their own interests?
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Why did the desire to increase colonial holdings create ocnflict between imperial powers?

Because all of the European powers wanted to hold their own colonies, thus exploit them. However, sometimes their interests overlapped each other. An example of this would be between France and the US, as well as the Spanish and the British empires.

How did Louis XIV secure support by the nobles?

The French Nobility under Louis XIV, concluded that the best way to secure heir own interests was to support the monarchy.

How did the establishment of the British Raj affect Indian society?

Answer this question… It made Indians second-class citizens in their own country.

What role did Margaret Brent in the government and economy of Maryland?

She proceeded to claim a land grant, and engaged in numerous business ventures, trading in tobacco, indentured servants, and land. She appeared in court to sue for debts and to protect her interests, and often acted for her brothers as well. Margaret Brent was named with Governor Leonard Calvert as joint guardian for Mary Kittamaquund, daughter of the chief of the Piscataways. Ten years after her arrival, Margaret Brent was prominent as a businesswoman and landowner.

Why did the American colonist want to fight the Revolution?

They wanted to fight in the war to fight for what they wanted. They wanted to be free and have with their own say. They were sick of the british treating them horribly and they felt taxes were unfair. They wanted their freedom and their own country. They wanted to be treated fairly. They were sick of the unjust behavior coming from the british. they were ready to fight back against british. they were ready for war. oh yeah ;)

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What did the british do to protect the interests of those who converted to chirstianity?

what did the British do to protect the interests of those who converted to christianity

Why is there a British army?

To protect the interests of the British people and territories and to provide forces for peacekeeping operations.

The Soviet Union wanted to rebuild after the war in ways that would?

Protect it's own interests

Why did the US and many other nations step in to the First Persian Gulf War?

to protect their oil interests. (apex)

What did the imperialists think of the most important costs of british rule over India?

British exploited India for their own selfish interests.

After the terrible destrution caused by the war the soviet union was determined to rebuild in ways that would?

Protect its own interests

Why can it be said that the United States owes its very existence to the British Royal Navy?

After the Revolutionary War it became apparent that the United States needed to protect its own mercantile fleet and commercial interests. Great Britain had the largest and most powerful navy and was prone to seizing American ships. In order to protect itelf the United States Congress enacted legislation for the construction of a navy to defend the United States from British and other interests. Henceforth the USS Constitution class battleship was the result.

What type of national interests does every nation have?

all nations try to protect the interests of the nation as a whole.

How did the US protect the interests in china?

led Western governments to deploy military forces on the Chinese coast to protect their citizens and interests.

What led president Roosevelt and congress to support the great white fleet?

The desire to protect the interests of the United States in Asia

Why did these actions alarm the colonist?

I think this is the answer The British planned to keep 10,000 troops in America to protect their interests.

How did us protect its commercial interests in china?

led Western governments to deploy military forces on the Chinese coast to protect their citizens and interests.