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They wanted reforms from the British. They were tired of British rule and British control of Indian money.
At its start, the Indian National Congress wanted socialistic types of economic development. The trends have changed as now the Indian National Congress adopts economically liberal policies on the way it presents its economic agenda.

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Q: What did the Indian national congress want?
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What did Indian national congress want?


When did jinnah join Indian national congress?

Jinnah joined the Indian National Congress in 1906.

When The Indian national congress started?

The Indian National Congress Started in 1885.

When was Indian National Congress - Socialist - created?

Indian National Congress - Socialist - was created in 1978.

How was the Indian national congress formed?

in 1885 thw indian national congress was formed by a number of educaded

The Indian National Congress was dominated by members of what religious faith?

It was the Hindus who dominated Indian National congress.

Indian National Congress was established in?

Indian National Congress was established on 28th Dec 1885 at Bombay.

What group formed to push for self-rule in India?

Indian National Congress

The indian national congress was established where?

The Indian national congress was established in Gokuldas Tejpal Sanskrit College in Bombay.

What is the India national congress?

"Indian national congress" was founded in 1885 and latter it played a crucial role in Indian freedom struggle .currently 'congress' party which rules India [central government] is the direct continuation of 'Indian national congress'

Who was elected president of the Indian National Congress three times?

Dadabhai was the thrice elected president of Indian national congress

Which British was elemental in the formation of the Indian National Congress?

which british was elemental in the formation of the indian national congress?