What did the chartists achieve?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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I suppose it depends on what period you are looking at.

In the short term, the answer is "not very". However, of their six demands, five were implemented by the early 20th century and remain so to this day. The exception is, of course, annual general elections, which is unworkable in reality.

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dont no thts wat im trying to find out

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Q: What did the chartists achieve?
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What methods did the chartists use to achieve their aims?

the chartists NEVER use violence to achieve their aims.

How did chartists protest?

The protest movement can be split into two distinct groups, the Moral Force chartists and the Physical Force chartists. These groups attempted to force reform in distinctively different ways. The Moral Force chartists intended peaceful protest, the Physical force chartists, as the name suggests, intended to force change through use of physical force and violence. Moral Force chartists- protested peacefully Physical Force chartists- protested violently

Why did the chartists fall apart?

The chartists fell apart as they all had tried absolutely everything and nothing had worked for them hope this helped :)

What did the chartists do to get what they wanted?

yes they happily did

Did the Chartists protest?

Oh yeah.

Why did people join the chartists?

They wanted to join it as many people were working class and they wanted the vote and one way to do that was to join the chartists

Did the chartists ever win the vote?

yhyh boy!

When did the chartists reappear?

i dont no i am trying to find it out now

Why did the Chartists fail to gain universal manhood suffrage and 1848?


Who were the chartists in 1839?

Those who pushed Parliament to accept the People's Charter

Were the chartists revolutionaries?

some people would consider them revolutionaries depending on how the define a revoultion, chartists did want change but they didn't want absolute change which in some peoples opinions mean they don't count as revolutionaries

What were the People called who proposed complete democracy for great Britain?

They were called Chartists.