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Indians. Indians are what the europeans called the natives when they first met in the tundra region Canada.

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Q: What did the europeans call the natives that they first met in the tundra region Canada?
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Is the coldest vegetation region in Canada?

Tundra - Canada's most northerly vegetation region.

What is the southernmost vegetation region in Canada?

Tundra - the most north region in canada

What is Yukon physical region?

The answer is the physical region of Yukon is Tundra "Tundra" is a physical part of Canada but not an official national physical region. Parts of the Yukon are in Cordillera and some are in Arctic Lowlands.

Do most Canada's live in Canada's tundra region?

Most Canadians do not live in the tundra. The tundra is actually sparsly populated. The majority of the population live along the border.

What kind of land is found in Canada arctic region?


What are 4 major cities in the tundra region?

bethel, Canada, usa iqaluit, Alaska

What kind of land is found in Canada and arctic region?

There are various types of land in Canada, perhaps you're referring to tundra

Where is the greatest tundra region?

The largest tundra region in the world is found in Northern Canada, Alaska, and Siberia. These areas have vast expanses of treeless Arctic regions covered with frozen ground and low-lying vegetation adapted to cold climates.

Which vegetation region shared by the US and Canada is the largest in the world of its kind?

i am thinking tundra (OPINION)

What climate region can the tundra be found in?

The tundra can be found in polar regions near the Arctic and Antarctic circles. These areas have cold temperatures and very short growing seasons, with permafrost present in the ground for much of the year.

What are some cities in the tundra region?

Some cities in the tundra region include Murmansk in Russia, Yellowknife in Canada, and Tromsø in Norway. These cities are located in or near the Arctic Circle and experience cold temperatures, permafrost, and unique ecosystems characteristic of tundra regions.

What region would you find Tundra Vegetation?

the tundra is located in the north pole and can be located in antartica