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The participants in the Decemberist Revolt wanted to abolish serfdom and establish a constitutional monarchy.

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Q: What did the participants in the Decembrist Revolt wanted to establish?
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Why did the English want to establish the colonies in north America?

They wanted to get away from the Church of England.They wanted to spread their own religion.They were looking for natural resources/ways to make a profit. Due to overcrowding of debtor's prisons in England, they were looking for places to send poor people who were in prison for not paying back debts, Georgia was founded for this purpose.

Describe the Portuguese explorations Who were the participants and what were their motives?

They had three main motives: God, Glory, and Gold. They wanted to spread their religion/power. Portugal was the first country to explore. Prince Henry wanted to explore the seas but couldn't while he was King so he started his own "school" for navigators. Portugal sailed southward to Africa and established a slave trade. Two of the first Portugal explores were Bartholomew Dias (Found Cape of Good Hope, which he called "cape of storms") and Vasco da Gama (helped create spice trade and was the first one to India). Portugal was the leading POWER on the seas.

What did the peasants revolt want?

All the angry peasats who wanted higher wages, lower taxes and an end to work service. There were around 100,000 (bigger than the World cup final) and their leader was called Wat Tyler, who was killed at Smithfield. Another important guy was the priest John Ball, who preached to the peasants that revolting was a good idea. After the revolt, he was hung, drawn and quartered - the quarters were sent to four different places and put on display. Hope this helps! Anon., 12, West Bridgford School

Which 2 countries wanted to dominate the balkans?

Japan wanted to get control of all Asia.

What was Boudicca wanted for?

i do

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Participants in the Decembrist Revolt wanted to establish?

a constitutional monarchy

Why did Denmark Vesey plan a slave revolt?

he wanted to be free;)

Why did toussaint louverture revolt?

He wanted all of the people in Haiti to be free.

How did the Spanish retaliate against the revolt in Cuba in 1895?

they wanted war

Why were English colonies establish?

They wanted to establish colonies because the pilgrams were being killed by the indies

Who wanted to establish a separate Palestinian country?


Who wanted to establish an abolitionist republic?

Lecompton Fraud

Because americans wanted the government to be fair what purpose was written into the constitution-?

Establish justice was written into the constitution because americans wanted the government to be fair.

What groups were the colonists defending and neglecting in their revolt against the British?

they wanted bats to protect

Who started the Bear Flag Revolt in California?

A group of settlers wanted to create a republic.

Why did plebeians revolt?

The plebeians revolted because they wanted rights equal to those of the patricians.

Why did slaves in french colony of saint domingue revolt?

Becuase they wanted slavery to end