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Blockade runners. You are doing guided reading activity 11-2

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Q: What did the south use to smuggle goods past the blockade usually under the cover of night?
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How did Great Britain respond to the continental system?

Great Britain reacted to the continental system in a very dramatic way. First, the thought it was horrible, then they tried getting rid of it but it didnt happen. *newpost* Above answer is not very clear. Britain reacted by setting up their own blockade. When Napoleon made his continental system, he blocked out Britain from trade very weakly. In return, Britain made an extremely powerful blockade that dominated France's blockade. Britain had a much stronger navy that was capable of such a feat.

What does goods mean in social studies?

goods are products

Chinese merchants traded luxury goods for?

Chinese merchants traded luxury goods for horses, glassware, textiles, and manufactured goods that traveled eastward.

How did the mother countries try to control who the colonies traded with?

They did not have their people everywhere (they wouldn't have had the manpower for that) but they had soldiers and customs and tax officers in all the coastal cities who saw to it that only ships and goods were handled that were allowed there and that in- and export duties were paid. But practically all colonies that had goods to import or export that were much in demand, had smugglers going in and out. The mother countries had usually ships patrolling suspected areas, but with a varying degree of succes. Especially the US Colonies were (in)famous for the amount of goods being smuggled.

What was the impact of the steam engine on the production of british goods?

The impact of the steam engine on the production of British goods was the increase in supply and demand. Britain was able to transport goods more efficiently.

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To bring goods into the country illegally?


Why did some merchant smuggle goods into the colonies?

They didn't want to pay taxes on goods.

Where to get smuggle goods in chennai?

Smuggling goods into any country, including Chennai, is highly illegal. In order to successfully get through customs, you cannot smuggle anything that is not legal to bring out or into the country.

What is the Latin word for smuggle?

"Smuggle" does have a Latin equivalent. This English word that means to illegally move goods translates in the Latin word "err".

How did the colonists respond to the British system of mercantilism?

They began to smuggle goods into and out of the country

Why were the Americans smuggling goods?

The same reason anyone would smuggle goods; they want to make a profit or to use those goods, but aren't actually allowed to by law.

How did some goods slip through the blockade to reach the south?

southern blockade-runners- fast ships that outran the federal ships- often slipped through the blockade.

What does a blockade do?

A blockade is a use of vehicles or objects to block the path of something or some one

How did the blockade during the the civil war help the north?

The blockade stopped the south from importing and exporting goods to other areas.

A British sentences with the word smuggle?

The smugglers tried to sneak their contraband goods past the customs officials by hiding them in a secret compartment in their car.

Why did colonists smuggle goods?

Because there was money to be made in smuggling. There were no taxes paid to the government for smuggled goods. This meant that the seller could keep all of the profits, and/or get goods much cheaper.

Why was blockade important?

It stopped the Confederacy from importing the goods it desperately needed.