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Q: What difficulties is Louis xvi referring to in the second line of the letter?
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How were the king and queen of France killed?

If by chance you are referring to the King and Queen during the Second French Revolution then , Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were both publicly executed by beheading. The weapon was a guillotine which cuts the head off the victim with a heavy falling blade.

Who was Louis XIV's second wife?

Louis XIV married to Maria Theresa of Spain in 9 June 1660 Louis XIV married to Françoise d'Aubigné, Marquise de Maintenon (private) in 1683

When was the Palace of Versailles completed?

They started building the actual Palace in 1662 and in 1682 the King Louis XIV and Queen (Madame de Maintenon, his second wife) and their whole court moved in. The Palace was officially never finished, since Louis XIV had a lot more construction planned, but that never happened.

Were the problems faced by Louis XVI in 1789 insoluble or were simply mishandled?

If Louis XVI had allowed the Third Estate members to join the convened Estates-General Meeting on June 20, 1789 (preventing the Tennis Court Oath) and conceded a number of their requests, it would have been possible for the monarchy, the nobility, and the clergy to survive in a weaker form without a full-on revolution. However, Louis XVI would have faced strong opposition from the nobility in France to make the concessions and, because of his lack of charisma, may have had immense difficulties in leading France down a more liberal path.

What was boxer Joe Louis' wife's first name?

His first wife was Marva Trotter. Rose Morgan was his second wife. Number three was Martha Jefferson.

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French leader of the second crusade?

I tyink he answer to "who was the french leader of the second crusade" is Louis VII.

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