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scurvy, black death or food poisoning

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Scurvy was an illness on a Tudor ship.

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Q: What disease did the sailors have in the Tudor times?
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What did sailors in the Tudor times eat on board the Golden hind?

what do tudor explores eat on the gold hind

What disease did sailors often get in Tudor times and why?

Sailors in Tudor times often suffered from scurvy due to a lack of vitamin C in their diets during long sea voyages. Scurvy is a deficiency disease that can cause fatigue, joint pain, swollen gums, and even death if left untreated. This was common on ships as fresh fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C were not readily available for long periods at sea.

What were Tudor sailors scared of?


What sports did Tudor sailors do?

swimming and fishing.

What did sailors eat on the ships in Tudor times?

I only know that tudors ate their food dried smoked pickled and salted

Why don't Tudor sailors who are poor wash?

They were poor.

Why did Tudor sailors wear earrings?

to look cool

Where did Tudor sailors sleep?

They sleep in Victorias back yard

what jobs did the sailors have?

the Tudor sailors jobs were scrubbing the deck watching out on the water in case other ships attack

Why did Tudor sailors drink urine?

In Tudor times it was a commonly done thing for the barber surgion (doctor for want of a better term) to diagnose illness in a sailor by examining the look, smell and even taste of the patient's urine.

Why do rich Tudor woman want white skin?

In Tudor times woman wanted white skin to cover up the infectious disease known as small pox

What was life like in a Tudor boat?

It was quite breezy and windy and sometimes sunny.most of the times there were storms.