What do Maasai people eat?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The maasai people don't eat meat except on a special occasion. To get their protein, they drink the cattle blood. They also drink cattle milk, and they eat ugali (a hard, traditional porridge) and maize (corn). Sorry, I don't know much else!

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Q: What do Maasai people eat?
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What do the maasai people in Kenya eat?


What do people eat at the border of Kenya and tanania TODAY?

The Maasai people eat stuff like corn and beans. They do not eat any wild game or fish depending on the meat!

Why is the cow so important to maasai culture?

Not only are they a source of food in meat and milk, but they are also a sign of wealth in the community. The more cattle and wives a Masai man has, the wealthier he is.

What food do maasai eat?

not sure i am looking for the same thing :):):):):)

What does the Maasai tribe eat?

they ate meat milk and blood

What jobs did the maasai warriors have?

kill people

What do maasai people have for currency?

Kenyan Shillings

How many people are there in the maasai tribe?


What ethnic group are the tallest?

The Maasai people.

A group of people who herd animals in Kenya?

Maasai people

How do the Maasai people celebrate the passing of a family member?

by saying i

What type of clothing do the maasai people wear?

red cloth