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something about the people

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Q: What do the Arabic words on the Egyptian flag mean in English?
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In Arabic what does the Egyptian flag say?

There is 3 words wrote on the EagleArab Republic of Egyptand it is written in Arabic this way : جمهورية مصر العربية

What does it say at the bottom of the eagle on the Egyptian flag?

it means may god be with us always

What does the eygiptian flag look like?

The Egyptian flag consists of three horizontal stripes - red on top, white in the middle, and black on the bottom. In the center of the white stripe is the country's coat of arms, which features a golden eagle holding a scroll with the Arabic words for "Arab Republic of Egypt."

What colours does an Egyptian flag have?

The main colors of the Egyptian flag are red, white and black. This dates back to the Egyptian Revolution of 1952.

What does the Arabic writing on the Iraq flag mean?

The writing on the Iraqi flag means 'God is great'(Allahu Akbar) in Arabic.

Is there a name for the Egyptian flag?


What does the Eagle stands for in the Egyptian flag?

for freedom

Who made the Egyptian flag?

kate upton

Has the Egyptian flag ever changed?


What do the words on the brazilian flag mean?

The words on the Brazilian flag, "Ordem e Progresso," mean "Order and Progress" in English. These words represent the country's motto and aspirations for social harmony and development.

What does the the eagle on the Egyptian flag?

it means the eagle of saladin

What does the Egyptian flag symbolize?

The colors of the Egyptian flag symbolize the struggle of the nation against tyranny and the strength of the people of Egypt. The flag has three horizontal stripes that are red, white and black. It also has an emblem of the eagle of Saladin on it.