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Anti-Russian Sentiment

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Q: What do the chechens have a long history of?
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The chechens have a long history of what?

anti-Russian sentiment

The Chechens have a long history of?

Anti-Russian Sentiment..A+

What ethnic group are the chechens in Russia?

Chechens belong to the Turkic ethnic group.

Stalin deported Chechens to central Asia.?


Are there earthquakes in moscow?

Nope, unless the Chechens have something to do with it.

What cultural group has a reputation for being military fighters?


The Chechens have been mainly since the eighteenth century?


Why were the chechens deported in world war 2?

The deportation Chechens was during the Second World War, just after the Red Army reconquered territories occupied by the German army.

What cultural group in russia has the reputation for being strong military fighters?


Who allowed the surviving Chechens who were deported to Asia to return home in?

Boris Yelstin

What ethnic nationalistic and religious divisions continue to threaten the Russian Federation?

The chechens and the republics

Who is the ethnic group who wants independence from russia?

Many, but the most prevalent are the Chechens from Chechnya.