What do you know about India?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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that it's awsum :P

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Q: What do you know about India?
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Mango grown in India Where?

it is in some where in India if u know email me on you know who and bye... lol

Which is the first nuclear bomb in India?

I am smart. I do not know answer. But i from India

How many people from India are homeless?

Just about the things that i know about India i know that their are probably over half of the people.

What is Happy Health India?

Click to know about Happy Health India

What are the implications of India's latitudinal and longitudinal extent?

This is useful to know or identify the geographical location of India on the map and know the appropriate time zone.

Where are lemons grown?

Lemons are grown in India and Mexico as far as I know...

How many province of India?

I dont know how many provinces are in India, but the population of India is 1,166,079,217 people. There are no states and there are many cities. The capital of India is New Dheli.

Why there is right hand driving in India?

i don't know go to India and ask them why!

What is the cash system in India?

I'm from India and it is rupees(don't know how to spell it)

How did the east India company influence India's history?

i also dont know

What is the best beach in India?

I don’t live in India so I don’t know

Is epipen autoinjector available in India?

As far as i know , they are not available in India yet.