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it is the reconstruction of the government system of the Philippines during the American period.

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Q: What do you mean by filipinization policy?
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What is the meaning of Filipinization policy?

Gradual replacement of Americans by Filipinos in government service

What is filipinization policy?

Filipinos were given the opportunity to serve in the government Source: IEMI The Philippines Our History and Heritage 6 (Geography, History and Civics) Book page 274.

What is filipinization process as far as Philippines history is concern?

Wrong grammar. Concerned, please.

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What is the scope of the Filipinization of Schools?

The Filipinization of schools refers to the process of incorporating more Filipino cultural elements, values, and languages into the education system. This includes promoting the use of Filipino languages, history, and literature in curriculum development, as well as integrating indigenous knowledge and perspectives. Overall, the goal is to foster a sense of national identity, pride, and inclusivity in the educational experience of Filipino students.

What is the meaning of Filipinization of Personality Theory?

Filipinization of Personality Theory refers to the adaptation of Western psychological theories to better fit the cultural context of the Philippines. It involves incorporating indigenous Filipino beliefs, practices, and values into psychological frameworks in order to better understand and address the psychological needs of Filipinos. This approach aims to promote cultural sensitivity and relevance in the field of psychology in the Philippines.

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How secularization lead to filipinization?

Secularization in the Philippines led to Filipinization by shifting power and influence away from the Church to local Filipino leaders and cultural practices. As the Church's control and influence waned, Filipinos were able to assert their own cultural identity and values, leading to a greater emphasis on Filipino customs, beliefs, and traditions in various aspects of society. This process contributed to the empowerment and appreciation of Filipino culture and heritage.