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you need things like a thesis, historical background, pictures, conclusion, a timeline, and facts.

im working on my project too and all the judges care about is primary soucres

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Q: What do you need on your history fair board?
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What do you need on a history board?

The opposite of what Ms. James tells you

What do you need on your Science fair project poster board?

It may very from fair to fair but some common things include an explanation of what you did your experiment, why it happened (the science behind it), and practical applications.

What six things do need on a science fair board?

Question, Procedure, Result, Conclusion, Title, and a Picture?

Does a science fair display board need to have a background?

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TitleAuthorPublisher & Publication DateMain CharactersSettingPlot SummaryConflictSolution/ResolutionAuthor's PurposeTone or Mood

What education or training do you need to become a high school history teacher?

You need a bachelor's degree in History and a teaching certificate in that area from your state board of education.

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aim hypothesis method equipment results conclusion variables application interpret observation

What do you need on a science fair board 7th grade?

results conclusion problem hypothesis experiment abstract pictures charts/graphs

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