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Roughly translates into

George VI King by the grace of god.

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Q: What does Georgivs Vi Dei gratia Rex translate into English as?
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What is the value of a 1949 Georgivs VI 1949 half dollar?

Canada issued a one dollar coin in 1948 with the inscripton. ' Georgius (VI) Dei Gratia, Rex' . Which is Latin and translated inot modern English . ' George (VI ;6th), By the Grace of God , King). In Great Britain an ' Half Crown ' coin was issed at the same time. Quality of the coin after usage can affect the price, from about £3.00 upwards.

How does the magn carta start?

The Magna Carta starts with King John's titles and greetings by name to the men involved with creating the document. In Latin, it begins, "Johannes Dei gracia rex Anglie," and in English, "John, by the grace of God, king of England.."

The world's oldest bank belongs to which country?

The oldest surviving bank is Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, founded in 1472.

Who gave the domesday book its name?

When people came to collect tax from the peasants, it was a bad day, a day of doom, so people called the book the domesday book. They just couldn't spellFirst of all, the manuscript did not carry a formal title, the work was referred to as a 'survey'. To the English, at the time, the book was held in awe and the word 'doom' was the Old English word for 'law or judgment' and did not mean disaster as is does in modern times. . The book became known as the 'Doomsday Book' in an allusion to the Last Judgment as is was 'a strict and terrible last account that cannot be evaded by any skillful subterfuge'. The decisions contained in the book, like those of the Last Judgment were unalterable. Further to this, the document became connected with the Latin phrase Domus Dei or House of God, as the book was kept in a church in Winchester. As a result of this, an alternative spelling of 'Domesdei' became popular for a while. The word Domusdei having similarities to Doomsday.

What is portrayed in Lorenzetti fresco in Siena?

The "Allegory of Good and Bad Government" frescos in the Sala dei Nove, Palazzo Pubblico, Siena include several scenes on the walls of the room. The first is an allegory of Good Government, and a ruler surrounded by virtues needed to rule wisely. The second fresco covers an entire wall and shows the effects of good government on the city and countryside. The third fresco covers an entire wall also, and depicts an allegory of Bad Government (featuring a monstrous tyrant surrounded by vices), a crumbling city, and a barren countryside.

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Translate Del Gratia in English?

Dei gratia (not "Del" gratia) is "By the Grace of God"


It is Latin.

WHO WAS Georgivs lll Del Gratia?

King George III of Great Britain. Dei Gratia is Latin for "by the grace of God."

Whats the value of a Canadian 1949 penny 'georgivs vi dei gratia'?


What is the value of a Georgivs Sextvs Dei Gratia Rex 1949 Cyprvs 12 Piastre?

what is the value of a georguvs sextvs dei gratia rex 1949 cyprvs 1/2

How much would a 1952 Australia georgivs vi dei gratia rex quarter in fair condition worth?

how much would a georgivs vi dei gratia rex 1948 quarter worth

What is Georgivs V Dei?

Part of the Latin title of King George V, commonly used on coins. GEORGIVS V DEI GRATIA REX ET IND IMP means, GEORGE V BY THE GRACE OF GOD KING AND EMPEROR OF INDIA.

What is Dei gratia Regina mean translated into English?

Literally, "by the grace of God queen" or, as we would turn it around, "queen by the grace of God."

What does Gratia Del mean?

You probably mean Gratia Dei, which means "by the Grace of God". There is no word "Del" in Latin.

Where was Victoria dei gratia 1854 minted?

VICTORIA DEI GRATIA tells me who the queen is, it tells me nothing about the coin. Whatever the coin is, if it was minted in 1854, it was probably minted at the Royal Mint in London.

What would an estimate be for a 1777 Carolus III dei gratia silver Spanish coin?

How much would it be worth for this coin...1777 carolus 111 dei gratia silver spanish coin

How do you say gods grace alone in latin?

Gratia Dei sola.