What does Philip mean in German?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Philip is a male name.

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Q: What does Philip mean in German?
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What country did John Philip sousa come from?

John Philip Sousa was born in the United States of America however, his Mum was German and his Dad was Spanish.

Is there a Hebrew translation of the book Nemesis by Philip Roth?

No, as of 2012, it is only in English and German.

What has the author Philip Grundlehner written?

Philip Grundlehner has written: 'Sprich Deutsch!' -- subject(s): Conversation and phrase books, English, German language, Readers

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What does the name ASHLEY mean in German?

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Do you mean elan? Then the word exists in German

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Woken does not mean anything in German, the English word woken, means aufgewacht in German

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the word you mean is viele and it means 'lots' in german.

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horse lover