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A letter and picture from the queen, but you must apply for it on behalf of the centenarian - whoop-dee-blooming-doo

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Q: What does a British citizen receive when they turn 100 years old?
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What experiences did the acadian encounter after France lost control of this region to the british in 1713?

The Acadians were descendants from France, so when the British took control of the acadians, they said they didn't want to take sides, they would not fight in a war agaisnt their own, nor would they fight against the British. The British did not trust the acadians, they thought they would turn their back on them so they decided to deport them. Every day leading up to the deportation, the acadians lived in fear but had to live their lives as normally as possible.

What did the colonists turn to in order to bring in goods to the colonies and sell them cheaper than the British goods coming in from overseas?

They turned to smuggling in other countries products and smuggling out American Products at the same time.

What is the effect of Haydee's love for Monte Cristo?

since haydee fall in love with the count, he in turn learned to love again after pursueing revenge for many years.

What year was atomic bomb invented?

"Invention" does not typically require the physical realization of the invented thing, nor a working model according to patent law. A patent for an atomic bomb was awarded to Leo Szilard in 1934. That patent is regarded as the invention of the atomic bomb. He immediately tried to turn the patent over to the British government as a gift. He was attempting to restrict the availability of the bomb. On October 8, 1935 the British War Office rejected the offer. Later, in February 1936 the British Admiralty accepted the gift.

Some of the modernization implemented by British India?

Arguably Yes, I believe The Indians Were given a flag which was a symbol of identity which i don't think they had before the British turned up. Also they were taught how to have a 'nice' British style garden (arguably a positive). Also They were Taught about new Infrastructure's that had not been introduced yet, and they were traded with For spice and Tea' and other local items the British had not yet encountered; The fairness of these trades is Highly debatable, but the British Did not just turn up steal everything, Rape and Pillage and disappear again, Eventually A British Raj was Appointed and The East India Company regulated all trade throughout the Region until India Declared Independence

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Can you join the british army at 15?

You cannot join the British Army until you turn 16 years old however you can apply from the age of 15 years and 7 months. Link below.

Do Canadians born before 1947 qualify as British citizens?

In general no. British Citizenship was only introduced in 1983 and to obtain it, one had to be a Citizen of United Kingdom and Colonies before that (plus additional conditions). CUKC in turn was introduced only in 1948. There may be possible exceptions, for example if the Canadian citizen was born in the UK or had a parent born in the UK but I am not familiar with the details.

How does lose a turn work?

You receive lose a turn and you must wait the rest of your turn, then when it is your turn to use your turn, you must wait that turn

Which amendment says a citizen can vote when they turn eighteen?

26th Amendment.

What kind of benefits do you get when you turn age 55?

Senior citizen discount

How long can a kid American citizen stay in the Philippines?

until they turn cannibal

How old are first years at Hogwarts?

You are 11 when you receive your letter and you arrive the following september.

Who can get a telegram from the Queen?


Non citizen CHILD of a US citizen will became citizen?

Yes, if the child was born outside the US and one of the biological parents was a US citizen, you should go to the nearest embassy or consulate general of the US and register the child's birth so that he or she can officially be a US citizen (they are entitled to automatic US citizenship). If the child is born in the US, the birth certificate of the child is the proof of citizenship and no other paperwork is required. If the child was not the biological child of a US citizen (he or she was adopted, or belong to a non-citizen spouse that the US citizen has married), then the US citizen will have to apply for a US permanent residency visa for that child. The child is then eligible to become a naturalized US citizen after they turn 18 OR have lived in the US for 5 years, whichever comes later.

How old is someone born Nov 1956?

Well they will all turn 55 years on the last day of November of 2011, and many business consider that old enough to offer senior citizen discounts to them.

How long must a person have been a citizen of the US to be elected as a senator?

nine years minimum The House of Representatives being the lower chamber, the Senate is the US higher legislative chamber and contains 100 members. Two senators represent each state for six-year terms. The requirements to be a senator include: 1.age should be at least 30 years old. the time of election to the Senate you should be a U.S. citizen for at least nine years . represent in the Senate a resident of the state one is elected .

Location where Benedict Arnold was going to turn over to the British?

He turned over to the British at West Point