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it gives the people the stuff that we have to day that we need

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it gives us the stuff that we need to live,,,

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Q: What does a monarchy do for its people?
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Why did People eventually came to believe that hereditary monarchy was natural or correct?

hereditary monarchy was correct becuase people believe in heretiry right in a hereditary monarchy

The Third Republic had early problems because many people wanted .?

Many people wanted Monarchy

How does an absolute monarchy protects its people?

An absolute monarchy can, in fact, be quite dangerous. A benevolent monarchy may have the welfare of its people in mind; but there is no guarantee that it will remain benevolent over time.

What is the one word for the people ruled by a king?

Subjects, Vassals or Serfs.

Do the people in monarchy follow the rule of law?

The people in a monarchy follow the rule of law the same as people in other systems do. The difference comes from how the laws are created, since in a monarchy laws are handed down by royalty, while in a democracy the laws are determined by the people and their representatives.

Do people in a monarchy have a say?

Yes they do, constitutional monarchy runs elections which lets people to get to vote. Every legal citizen has a right to say.

What is the definition to republic?

A nation run for the people,by the people, with no monarchy.

What is a sentence with the word monarchy used in it?

The monarchy in this country is led by a king who inherited the throne from his father.

F a monarch has complete control over the people the government is called a what?

An absolute monarchy.

How can you use monarchy in a sentence?

As soon as the new country gained independence, the people decided to have a monarchy for their government.

How much power do people have in monarchy?


How many people rule in a monarchy?