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A 'place in the sun' meant a pleasant colony.

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Q: What does a place in the sun mean?
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At noon a place nearest from the sun?

The sun is at its highest point at noontime. Not exactly certain what you mean by place nearest the sun at noon.

What does it mean if the earth rotates?

the sun goes everywhere not just stays in one place

Is the Sun a place?

Yes, the Sun is a place in our Solar System.

What album is barbecue stain by Tim McGraw?

I think you mean "Something Like That." It's on "A Place in the Sun."

Why is sunrise and sunset the wrong words to describe what is happening?

because if you say sun set it could mean the sun is set in its place the correct term's to say the time when the sun is setting and sun rise is the correct term to use.

Why is the sun always in one place?

The sun is never in one place. It moves just like everything else in space. Gravity keeps the Sun moving in its orbit. Just because it is the center of our little solar system, it doesn't mean it doesn't move. It moves, and everything does along with it.

What is the number of Mercury?

If you mean the place it is from the sun, then it is 1. Mercury is the closest planet to the sun but not the hottest, because Venus has poisonous clouds to trap heat.

In what part of the sun does fusion takes place?

Fusion takes place in the core of the sun.

When was A New Place in the Sun created?

A New Place in the Sun was created in 1968-05.

What does le soleil toute l'annee mean?

It is literally "the sun the whole year", meaning the place is sunny the whole year.

What does the name Hinata mean?

The name Hinata means sunny place or in the sun. Hinata also means " Sunflower" or " Sunshine"

Why does burning not take place on the Sun?

The sun does not have enough oxygen.Strange as it seems, the sun is just too hot for burning to take place.