What does peasents revolt mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It means the people are angry with the king.

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Q: What does peasents revolt mean?
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Was the peasents revolt in kent?

yes and Essex

Why is the peasants revolt called a revolt?

it was called this because in it the peasents revolted - hence the name =o) x

What one of these took place in the 14th century the gun powder plot the battle of Waterloo or the peasents revolt?

The Peasant's Revolt - the Gunpowder Plot was the 17th Century, and Waterloo the 19th

Why was John Ball famous?

because he was getting the peasents to revolt agaisnt the king /lords

What kind of jobs did peasents have?

the peasents job was to clean the empire of the clean and the king buy you then your hi peasent

Whatb does revolt mean?

hi whats up

Jobs for peasents during the middles ages?

Peasents jods during the middle ages were sweeping streets and cleaning chimneys

What does Momoko Revolt mean in Japanese?


What work did the peasents do?

they worked hard on land

What animals did peasents have?

dogs, sheep, pigs

How did they defend the Bastille?

The men in the castle had muskets and fired of the top at peasents and soldiers, but eventually the peasents and soldiers got in an executed the leader of Bastille the castle.

What do medieval peasents wear?

Woolen Roman tunic