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Renaissance architecture can be noticed because of its orderly arrangement of pilasters, columns, and lintels. It also includes the use of hemispherical domes and semicircular arches. It emphasized symmetry, geometry, proportion, and the regularity of parts.

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Q: What does renaissance architecture look like?
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Why was renaissance an important period in European history?

Renaissance literally means "rebirth" in French. The Renaissance was important because changes were occuring that helped lead Europeans out of the middle ages. There were many discoveries of art, literature, and architecture

What is gothic renaissance mean?

The Gothic Renaissance was a time period during the European Renaissance where gothic art started popping up every where. There is gothic architecture all over Europe and it is defined usually by the use of a pointed arch. Also rib vaults, buttresses and large windows.

What was going on from 1452-1519 in the World?

you need to specify the geographic region you are inquiring about. the most basic answer, about Europe, at least, is the Renaissance. The middle ages were coming to an end, the printing press was being invented, people we re-discovering knowledge gained by the Greeks and Romans, people were re-discovering the arts, architecture, technology, etc etc etc. But if you look elsewhere, you will get a different history, and even the answer of the European Renaissance is too broad, as the Renaissance hit in different times in different places, and the Renaissance itself can be defined in many, many different ways. For instance, in England around 1490-1500 Shakespeare was publishing his plays, but this form of the Renaissance had already taken place and passed in Florence, Italy, were many scholars agree the Renaissance started.

How did the Northern Renaissance differ from the Italian Renaissance?

It was the same thing. Answer! No it was not the same thing. Try these websites for help: and

What was the time after the Renaissance?

The Renaissance did spread from Florence Italy over Europe between the 14th and the mid 17th century. Initially the Italians named this "Rebirth" era after their newly found enthousiasm for their antique Roman past which they tried to re-establish, architecture for example shows this quite clearly. I other countries the Renaissance had other characteristics. The following epoque was called "The Enlightenment".

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What was renaissance like?

Depending on from what angle you want to look at it. It was generally a revival of classical values especially in humanities as well as in art and architecture. In the Renaissance there were also major geographical discoveries (e.g. Americas).

How has art influenced architecture?

The Renaissance influenced architecture and art.

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How did gothic architecture affect renaissance architecture?

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What is romantic architecture?

Architecture that was built during ther Renaissance Period 18th century UHm no. That's wrong. ROMANTIC Architecture would be achitecture that was built during the ROMANTIC period.........not the Renaissance.

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